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Traxxas Trx4

Stock blazer

  • Manufacturer: Traxxas
  • Motor: 21 turn traxxas
  • ESC: Stock
  • Color: Blue
Submissions: 289

Neet place need 4x4 to get back there tho

Awesome place with a little water to play in

Awesome creek crawl

Awesome little testing area

Another great area along the river some good technical spots

Very sandy area but lost of steep areas to play around with

Love going here great little spot lot of rock wit in the creek area

Willow lake about to go here myself for the first time tomorrow supposed to be awesome

Nice hike with the crawler

Long wash mix of bedrock river rock and boulders

Lots of nice technical spots

In town crawling

Go all the way to the right side of the camp ground good crawling there

Fr rd 213 great little spot

this place is real nice loaded with shade for those hot days

Great place but need a 4x4 to get there

Power line trail

Awesome sandy are with some nice hill climes

The whole edge of this park is lined with rock I used it for testing when I do changes to my crawler

usery pass hike

be very prepaired for this hike

great crawl here then go swimming bring plenty of water

the whole edge of this wash is all rocks and awesome place to spend a day with crawlers

gold mountain has a few great spots along this hike

there are lots of spot around this lake you could spend a week here and not hit the same spots twice

great hiking trail tip bring a second battery

great hike with your tiny truck

great spots along the edge of this lake

salt river bottom great intown crawling

great crawling all along this resivor

edge off this lake is all rocks great for crawling

the whole edge of this lake is rocks and steep grades awesome spot for crawling

long hill climbs here

great trail with lots of water to crawl around the edge of the river

great place with lots of red rock

lots of water crawling here

Awesome place rocks like glue

Awesome place rocks like glue

great crawling spot follow the trail lots of good views

good spot to enjoy a crawl and a good fishing spot

one of the best views around it is a dirt rd to this spot it is a Arizona hwy you might see big horn sheep here

theres a dozen or so spots along this rd

creek crawling

good spot just be carful saw a rattle snake here

the whole edge of this lake is rock great place to crawl

rocks line the egde of this lake take a fishing pole also

lake edge is all rocks great place to crawl

lake is all rocks around the edge

this cam ground has a long wash witch is great shaded area to crawl around in

go to the left of the parking area and some great rocky bluffs there

go to the left of the beach extend for a large distance

steap hiking trail

great rocky area and fun for the rest of the family

day pond brook spent a lot of time here as a kid before crawler days but it would be a awesome place

this is the first place I ever crawled with other crawlers what a blast

great senic crawl

hike to the top of superstition mountain is awesome