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Fantastic area for crawling, an endless paradise of lines. It is also a great place to hang out and see an old mining town.

This trail head is a short easy hike down to the Ventura River. The river is lined with smooth river rocks and can provide countless hours of crawling. You can also cross the river in some places and continue on the trails which roam all over the moutains and overlook the nearby Lake Casitas Resvoir.

Rose Valley falls trail is a short slightly uphill walk to the base of the falls. The entrance to the trail is at the back of the campground between camp site 4 & 5. The falls provide an amazing backdrop for crawling in and around the creek that is full of fun spots to crawl through the creek or beside it.

At the beach there is a great area of rocks to crawl, as you go away from the beach the river bottom has a levee that runs for about a 1/2 mile and is lined with concrete and rocks. It provides some very challenging spots and a pretty nice view of the ocean.

Red Rock pools is an amazing spot with a ton of crawling opportunities. There is also a swimming hole which can provide for a nice cool down as it can get a bit hot. Along the road to the pools before the toll booth there are also a number of places to stop and crawl as the river flows all along the road for miles. The pools are a popular spot for locals to come and take a swim and the trail is normally kind of busy, but most enjoy seeing the crawlers and will stop and watch for a few minutes.

This is the location where Element actually did some of their promo videos for the Enduro. It is not a big spot but the crawling here is excellent.

Another spot in Simi which resembles Moab with the rock formations. Great crawling location and provides a lot of technical as well as steep crawling lines to challenge even the most seasoned crawlers.

Flannigan Park, Also known as Mini Moab. This place is an absolute amazing crawling location, as close to scale Moab as actually being in Moab.

The spillway is typically dry as the creek that flows into it is very small. The rock formations made for the dam offer a lot of unique and crazy lines.

Great hobby shop that also has an indoor crawl course, and an indoor bath spot.

This turned out to be a great place to crawl, the rocks are big and finding lines through and over them is no easy task. The rewards of making it through spots is well worth it. As a bonus to crawling, this area is also a really cool place to check out some unique tourist shops and see some cool wildlife, like the Sea Otters who live right inside the harbor. The seafood here is great, and there are a bunch of wine tasting places to check out. A fun place to hang out and do some RC'ing as well as just have some fun.

Fun skate park to bash around at. Most of the time it is pretty clear.

There is a long line of rocks here approx 500 yards long

Behind the Old Movie theater is a great spot in the barranca that has a ton of rocks and usually a little bit of water to make for some nice crawling. A ton of epic lines to try out and a ton of really cool river rocks to crawl.

A really great spot at low tide, the rock formations are amazing. Take the trail down across the rail road tracks, when you get to the trail that leads down to the beach turn left. If you go to the right the trail goes to an overlook of the sea lion sanctuary where there are hundreds on the beach below. Often times when crawling there will be sea lions out in the water.

A great little trail that parallels a creek that has an abundance of rocks to crawl. The destination being the base of the falls of which you can walk right up too. Good place to stop at and spend a bit of time enjoying the falls and the crawling!

This is a hidden gem of a spot, all along this barranca are areas like this one. Rocks have been lined along the barranca to keep the banks from eroding during heavy rains. This makes for some excellent lines to crawl, and the best part is there is miles of it so there is always something new to try!

This is just one of the really cool spots around the Simi Valley area. Plenty of rocks to crawl along the 1.1 mile loop trail around what used to be a filming location for many old western movies.

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Axial Capra
Axial Capra

My Newest and all around best crawling rig.

  • Manufacturer: Axial
  • Motor: Reedy 16t 5 pole Brushed
  • ESC: Hobbywing 1080
  • Color: Red / Black
Axial Jeep 2017 CRC RTR
Axial/Vanquish VS-410 Chassis Jeep Rubicon CRC Editiion RTR

My fully loaded Axial Jeep CRC, tons of mods and upgrades and one of my favorite rigs.

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  • Motor: Holmes 16T
  • ESC: Hobbywing 1080
  • Color: Red
Element Gatekeeper
Element RC Gatekeeper

Rock Racer Style Buggy

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  • ESC: HW 1080
  • Color: Blue/Silver/Red
Element RC Enduro
Element RC Enduro Kit

Element RC Enduro Kit version. My absolute beast of a crawler and all around excellent rig.

  • Manufacturer: Element RC
  • Motor: Reedy 16t 5 pole Brushed
  • ESC: Hobbywing 1080
  • Color: Blue / Black
Gmade Komodo Double Cab
Gmade Komodo Double Cab

My Gmade Double cab has been a pleasant surprise. Such a great looking truck as well as performing fantastic. I would say it is one of the most underrated trucks on the market today.

  • Manufacturer: Gmade
  • Motor: Reedy 16t 5 pole Brushed
  • ESC: Hobbywing 1080
  • Color: Blue / Black / Silver
The Bomber 2.0
Axial Bomber 2.0

What can i say about my Bomber, its a beast!

  • Manufacturer: Axial
  • Motor: Reedy 3 slot 19 turn brushed
  • ESC: Hobbywing 1080
  • Color: Black