PNW Trail RC!

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Hello Punisher
Axial, RC4WD Toyota Tacoma

A total throw together SCX10/RC4WD. Lengthened everything wrong, but it's somehow a fun trail trekker.

  • Manufacturer: Axial, RC4WD
  • Motor: Axial 20t
  • ESC: Axial AE-5
  • Color: Peach
ECX Roost

A little runamucker

  • Manufacturer: ECX
  • Motor: Stock
  • ESC: Stock
  • Color: Pinkish Purple
Noisy Pig

Mostly metal beast. T8 allow AR60 axles, Junfac hardened drivelines, AX2 2 speed transmission. Sitting on Rockstars wrapped in HB Rovers

  • Manufacturer: Other
  • Motor: Castle Slate 1406 3800kv
  • ESC: Mamba X
  • Color: Silver Frame / Purple Panels
The Streak
Axial Yeti Score

A mean looking Willy's Pro Mod with Grabber Green Steaks flowing down the body.

  • Manufacturer: Axial
  • Motor: 3150kv Vanguard
  • ESC: Axial AE-3
  • Color: Black - currently
Webe Leev
Axial Deadbolt

A hardbody Jeep. Painted in candied flames with a glowing alien head on the hood.

  • Manufacturer: Axial
  • Motor: Axial 27T
  • ESC: AE-5
  • Color: Green