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A truck you can drop the kids off at school then go have fun while keeping it classy...

  • Manufacturer: Gmade
  • Motor: Dewalt
  • ESC: Hobbywing
  • Color: Green/gold
Submissions: 63

Nice new skate park with great jumps nice giant bowls for speed runners

Skate park with hardly no skaters lol good for bashing with good speeds for short course trucks perfect for smaller trucks.

Lots of rocks with a a few small river beds

Mountain bike trail with lots of inclines and descents withe plenty of obstacles.

Nice trail with lots of debris few tiny hills.

Nice dried out river bed with huge dried out waterfalls lots of interesting lines.

Dam with a nice riverbed trail run.

Nice scenic trail with lots of wildlife.

Nice rock formations and ocean view

Nice beach and sand dunes.

Campground with nice little track to rip it up on.

Nice scenic path with bmx obstacles and teeter totters shared with bikers and walkers.

Nice path along a creek with hills to climb half way through the path

Nice lake with awesome scenery for the avid trail rider bring lots of water you’ll need it.

Great architecture and path very scenic with lots of wild flowers

Nice trail very long and steep at times be carful but you will not be disappointed great picture ops with plenty of obstacles.

River bed and rocks

Nice trails with great sights of rock formations from when the plates shifted to form Kanata

Trailing along the Ottawa river nice at night as well as day. If you don’t mind your truck wet then a good spot to go.

Old trail up to the old train line going through Kanata

Coastal cliffs with plenty of rock debris and sand nice quiet place to relax and enjoy driving.

Backroad trail with a large trail that goes part of the bay with a few nice abandoned vehicles in the bush to gaze upon.

Bmx track nice For inclines they let you drive just be careful of others

Nice open trail with a pond more accessible for someone that has trouble walking but enjoys a nice trail spot. It’s open with no tree coverage so bear that in mind when it’s hot or cold out.

Nice photo op spot with lots of obstacles to choose from grab a ice cream cone from scoops and sit back and relax with your truck at the dam

Skidoo trail in the winter thick terrain at some places but a unique spot

At the shoreline there is nice rock shoreline perfect for yetis wraiths bomber style buggies also has two nice ponds to bring your boats as well.

Nice trail with a few hills bring water nice rock and tree obstacles

Gated parking lot so must park at dollar store across street or land mark cinemas. The walking path is nice but off the beaten path there is plenty of obstacles and unique terrain all around.

Sometimes it’s quite enough to bring a few toys a trail rig or a monster truck.

Old tracks run through the prior

Trail runs along the dog park and a nice size pond.

Trail through the tornado stricken part of nepean 2018

The look out

Nice water way with plenty of routes to take not for shelf queens.

Nice board walk within a swamp with a nice bridge with rocks

Nice stream to crawl around and plenty of photo ops

Nice riverbed with plenty of rocks try to make it across on the shallow water.

Nice trail near a bungee park bring water and snack and enjoy the scenery.

Urban Kanata nice paths and a few open fields with a bunch of obstacles.

Nice little spot to stretch your legs go for a walk bring bug spray ticks and mosquitoes for of the beaten path

Marshey place with tones of obstacles for trailing

Many trails to choose lots of obstacles and muddy depending on which trail you choose

Take the parkway path to Ottawa west to east down town

Take a trail ride starting from the war museum all the way up to Ottawa west to bay shore following the parkway.

Nice spot with a little bit of rough terrain. Perfect spot to show of the truck and boat trailer combo

Sand rock and mud mix trail. This is trail that seems like only a few ppl use other then myself

Keep going past the church then a dirt road appears nice spot for a little urban Backwoods trailing with nice ponds in between paths.

If you stay at Montebello chalet there are so many cross country trails to choose from you’ll be amazed at the sights smells and sounds of nature

After a long drive to the island nice time to stretch the legs and do some more driving lol nice sights if the water is not rough beware it is salt water

Nice coastal walk lots of red PEI rocks that washed ashore nice photo ops and great views.

Nice rock formations at Peggy’s cove

Take a walk along the st Lawrence threw a parka down make your way to the penitentiary. then take a few pics beside the great Kingston penitentiary.

Take a stroll down Niagara on the lake to the park and enjoy the paths and scenery

Either urban trail it or take a walk to Niagara Falls or go up to Lake Ontario either way nice views and nice photo ops

Nice spot to Cruze down the trail enjoy the sights of the st Laurence river nice trail bring water and bug spray the hours will pass by.

Nice trails and streams through the camp ground. Nice beach

Nice trail with lots of roots. Nice for a quick run.

Nice urban spot to go trailing nice pond with a stream for boats

Take a ride in either the park or the walking path of the last duel .... hope you survive lol jk.

Take a trail ride up the trail towards merivale nice stream with many obstacles to have fun with.

Nice trail in between berry farms and the cnn railway make your way up the trail to relax at the train station.