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Wildwood park

23rd Avenue Southeast, Puyallup WA

Submitted by: L.W. Wise


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Wildwood is a great park. Wooded area with multiple picnic areas and shelters. Wooded trails, big play toy for children along a tiny creek. Deep enough for your feet to cool you down. Ball fields. Family, kids, pet friendly. Been going there for many years.
Jeremy Patrick
Beautiful park, great place to let the kids play and have fun in the outdoors. I would avoid visiting here alone with your kids, though as there are sometimes some questionable people that will approach you and your children and there is no police patrol/security out here in the woods. Great bit of nature close to home though!
Kathryn H
The kiddos love this park. A playground, a little creek and waterfall for them to float twigs and leaves down, and a ton of easy trails for them to explore. I remember coming here 25+ years ago and playing, and now it is fun to watch my kids enjoying the same activities that I did at their age.
Michael Adams
Nice and quiet park, far less people here normally compared to other local parks. Great trails, many shaded areas for the summer. Good cookout and birthday party location.
Ron Noonan
Nice playground for older and younger kids. There is a small creek that kids can play in or walk through with rain boots. The park also has a lot of shirt kid friendly hiking trails.
Mary Kimball



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