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Forty Acre Rock

2399 Conservancy Road, Kershaw South Carolina 29067

Submitted by: Brian lane

Notes: A little walk from parking lot, to get on the trail. It has waterfalls, creeks, and big rocks to crawl over. Been a few times, no problems. There is not a Bathroom.

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Excellent trail. Parts are really overgrown but it's nice and quiet, if you stay on the main path it is well marked. If you take the beaver pond side trail it is overgrown and easy to miss the trail. Breathtaking views. I recommend waiting until after a lot of rain to go otherwise the waterfall will be non existent.
Edmund Lavesh
I have been going to 40 acre rock since 8 was a teenager. I really love this place, there is so much nature to see. The caves are unique and fun to climb around, the stream is beautiful, couple of beautiful trickling waterfalls, one of them trickles down 8n front of 9ne of the caves. The views are breathtaking, plenty of great hiking and wildlife and plant life. Not to mention the mythical mystery on " the devils stomping grounds" and the "deviled footprint" and very rare plant species. It's a great fun place for all ages. Pack a lunch and enjoy a peaceful picnic with a gorgeous backdrop. Please clean up after yourselves, the place is much prettier with no trash
jeremiah gainey
Pretty steep up and down spots but overall really nice little hike. Not very long. Realy cool little cave, keep an eye out for it!
Lex H
What in the hell Lancaster County, why is this park not protected? This is a absolutely stunning piece of land and I have never seen any type of parks department work being done. Theres so much litter and grafitti everywhere that is is difficult to even really enjoy yourself. If you go Andrew Jackson state park it is understandable as that is just a parking lot with some reproduction buildings and nothing else but 40 acre rock is beautiful piece of land that should be protected. The trails are nice other than the southern trail leading to the waterfall which has a giant oak that fell on the path in September of 2018 during Hurricane Florence and hasnt been cleared and there are no signs on the north trail telling you how to get to the waterfall. There should be something done.
Doc Preston
What a neat find out in the middle of no where! If you enjoy odd formations and great scenery, I would recommend this place for all ages. The trails may prove a little difficult cardiovascularly for people out of shape, due to some steep inclines, bit overall is pretty friendly. I would also note that it would be really easy to get lost, so be careful as the trails aren't marked all that well. I will probably go back and within the next month to view the waterfall this time around.
Chris Cole



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