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Coy park

8458 South Range, Salem Ohio 44460

Submitted by: Steve Karash

Notes: Crawl the creek bed

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I loved the security of Coy Park most of all.....I did not have to worry about my granddaughter running into the street n getting hit by oncoming traffic. I liked the different courtyards. I loved the size of the pavillion and the breeze that flows through it. I just love Coy Park and if Alycia could go play there daily I would be ecstatic. There was so much for her to do and the space that she had to run, from the swing to sliding board and monkey bars was incredible......all children would love Coy Park. We need more parks duplicated.
Joanne Jones
Coy Park is a wonderful place, that's reasonably priced. It's such an amazing place for family. The kids get to run, and play. The adults get to catch up on time lost. The park is clean, has swings, sliding boards, and a large play area with plastic things to play on, so no one gets hurt. The pavilions are very nice, with lots of seating. There is even a large bathroom building, with real toilets, sinks, city water, and doesn't smell like an outhouse. Coy Park is without a doubt, one of, if not the best parks in the county.
Ken Martin
Beautiful place! My nephew had his graduation party here and my family reunions are always here.
luann duffy
Great place to get exercise..(big hills.) Great place to take your dog and awesome for sled riding in the winter!
Dawn Barnette
cleaned up very nice since I was younger
Jimmy Schmidt



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