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Adams Canyon Hike

538 Eastside Drive, Layton Utah 84040

Submitted by: Cameron Salisbury


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This is a very popular hike for good reason. It has great scenery during all 4 seasons, the views of the valley can be spectacular especially at sunset, and the waterfall at the top is worth the effort. The hike is moderate skill level. It isn't technically difficult, but there are a few steep climbs and some rocky areas that could be challenging for children. It starts with several sandy switchbacks. These are not terribly difficult and you get a great view after the short climb to the top. Once you're into the canyon, the forest canopy blocks your views of the valley and the scenery changes into visas of trees, rocks, and streams. You will follow the picturesque creek along the path as you ascend to the top. This area is stunning in the Fall with the changing colors of the leaves. The top 1/3 of the hike is the most challenging. The path gets rockier and steeper, but the waterfall at the top is worth the effort. For experienced hikers, this is not a difficult hike. Less experienced hikers will find it more difficult than expected, but completely achievable if you take your time. Depending on fitness level and the speed of your hiking, it is about 40-60 minutes from bottom to top. The area is known for rattlesnakes, so be aware and watch where you step, especially if you wander off the main path. I have also seen tarantulas in late summer evenings.
Derek Knowlton
This is always my go to hike. Beautiful in the summer, breathtaking in the winter. When everything freezes over, it truly is majestic. Can be very slick after the trails been packed down, but I've always seen it as very rewarding and worth it.
Scot Carrington
Hiked first time 1/19/20 and just gorgeous. Frozen and slippery out at 9-10 am. Spikes recommended. I wore trail shoes and winter attire and had a good challenge with no falls. 1st half is easy to moderate for most. Second half to the falls is moderate with a few challenges. Took a million pictures. Don't recommend taking small children on this one in January. On the way back, the sun arrived and turned some ice to muddy slush. Overall just a great hike. Easy parking. No fees. Just pickup your dog poop please. Love my dogs. Just dont want others stepping in it. Thanks.
Michael Halpin
Amazing hike. Takes about an hour and a half round trip to do. Not the best kid friendly hike. I would recommend 10 and older. One bottle of water will do. 75% is shaded while you hike.
Guy Chesrown
One of my favourite short hikes out of all the countries I've travelled to. Mostly steep uphill for about an hour along a stream. Very pretty and some nice views down into the valley. At the top you can choose to get your feet wet and cross the river to see the water fall - or if you'd rather stay dry just turn back ;) quite busy with families and dogs.
Gina B.



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