Tracy DeShane!

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Nice very small creek. Almost scale to a river

The owner if the crawler shed lives at this location. There is a large pile of rick and dirt in the back yard.

Lots of trails and and rocks. From beginner to advanced in one area. Can spen all day here and still have fun

Trails for crawling and walking.

When the wateris low the creek bed is a great place to have comps

Trails and crawling all day. Several miles of trails with different terrain.

Trails and crawling.

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The trucks...
Ecx Barrage

Mean eyed jeep

  • Manufacturer: Ecx
  • Motor: Dynamite 35 turn
  • ESC: Stock dynamite
  • Color: Orange
Purple passion
Vaterra Ascender k10

Vaterra ascender shortened wheel base with tamya fj cruiser body.

  • Manufacturer: Vaterra
  • Motor: Titan 12 turn
  • ESC: Stock dynamite
  • Color: Purple and silver