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capra yota
axial capra

capra with brass portals

  • Manufacturer: axial
  • Motor:
  • ESC:
  • Color: orange
custom wraith

robert tillich cage, mamba esc/motor. proline shocks

  • Manufacturer:
  • Motor:
  • ESC:
  • Color: grey
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awesome crawling on sandstone formations worn down by the ocean. The tide does come in and out but gives you ample time for playing. The beach is also huge and great for letting your dog run miles. There are cabins for rent and camping right on the beach minutes away from the rocks. This place is epic....

if you go down the stairs you can go either left or right and encounter some nice sandstone crawling. If you go right it goes down to a nice beach and then to the right again is a nice crawling area along with a bed of rock after th tide goes out as well.