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Good crawling for all scale rigs. Small to large rocks and bedrock obstacles.

A bunch of cement pilled up. They've piled more since the overhead picture was taken. Great for 10th scale and up. Little to big of pices for 24th scale

Small to large rocks and big, easy to hard rock formations. Great views not the easiest to get to but definitely worth it.

Good for all scale rigs. Cemented in medium to large boulders that are still good for 24th scale. In a park so great for the whole family.

Great trailing and some crawling. Easy to changeling for all scales. Greats views overlooking the Penitentiary and Boise.

Small to large boulders. With great views of the canyon and Evil Knievels jump site across the canyon.

Rugged natural tall rock formations. A little bit of a hike but great natural crawling.

Bedrock formations. Not very tall but a long stretch.

Pretty cool carpet track with jumps. Not just an oval track.

Very big hobby shop with a indoor crawler course, carpet track, slot car track and outdoor track.

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The trucks...
Axial SCX10ii

69 Chevy Blazer. Vanquish/Incision; transmission, front dig, axles (RockJock Currie), axle shafts and knuckles. MIP drivelines. Reefs servo winch. Front end pull down servo. Rear underdrive gears. Rear upper link riser. Slipper clutch elimator. Internal spring shocks; 120mm out back with 120mm bodies in front with 100mm shafts. So i can run the longer springs but wont drop so far it maxes out the angle on the transmission side of the front driveline wallering out the holes on the transmission output shaft. Super Swamper Bogger tires with dual stage foams wrapped around steel dish slot mags.

  • Manufacturer: Axial
  • Motor: 2850kv
  • ESC: Mamba X
  • Color: Blue
Axial Capra

Mainly stock. Underdrive rear gears. Rear upper link riser. Dig servo saver eliminated. Treal brass complete portal boxes out front. Predator tires with dual stage foams wrapped around cheap Amazon aluminum wheels.

  • Manufacturer: Axial
  • Motor: 2850kv
  • ESC: Mamba X
  • Color:
Axial C10

All electronics have been moved to the center of the chassis to get the weight centered, lower and make room for the servos on the axles to stick through the frame rails. Aluminum Hot Racing transmission case with upgraded steel gears and aluminum Hot Racing skid plate.

  • Manufacturer: Axial
  • Motor: Furitek
  • ESC: Furitek
  • Color: Red
Traxxas Stampede

Mild upgrades. Stock 3s brushless 4x4. MIP axles, lowered body, rear spool, upgraded center driveline, aluminum motor mount, ESC and Motor Fans, aluminum caster blocks, big bore shocks, RPM A arms. Sway bars front and rear which actually do a lot more than I expected.

  • Manufacturer: Traxxas
  • Motor: Stock
  • ESC: Stock
  • Color:
Tokyo Drift

Cheap Amazon 4WD drift car.

  • Manufacturer: HSP
  • Motor: Brushless
  • ESC:
  • Color: Black