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Great little trailing spot. Good with kids. More challenging terrain on Norther loop and higher elevation spur trails. Good crawling rock out at Sharpe Point.

Good trailing. Epic scenery. A few great techy obstacles, but overall quite easy. Great with kids. Not bad for a Scale Ultra style 5K run if linked up with trail to Rosario, starting at Rosario Beach parking area.

Epic Trailing and Crawling. Access to a number of trails between Bagley Lakes and Artist Point. Kid friendly.

Fun sticky coastal igneous rock. Use caution, steep drop offs into the water, could cause serious injury to truck or driver.

A tough trail, climbs 1700ft in 2 miles. Great obstacles, epic views, quite the scorcher. Test your rig. Test your body, don’t forget water hat and sunscreen. St the top of the mountain you can link up with the trail that brings you back to the Soberanes Canyon Trail for a great 5.5mi loop.

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