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  • Manufacturer: Custom
  • Motor: Castle 1717
  • ESC: Vxl8s
  • Color: Blue
Submissions: 2

Miles of trails both on and off the beach and in surrounding areas, the road that brings you to the west bexington turning has stunning vista views of the coast if you carry on towards Dorchester.... Best in spring and autumn, quieter. Busy in summer. Ample parking in and around West bexington. For some pics of west bexington, just do a Google image search. Below is a video showing an rc crawler on Chesil beach, west bexington, Dorchester, dorset, uk

Set in the heart of the jurassic coastline, sidmouth boasts some incredible clifftop views along the south west coast path, lots of cafés to grab a coffee, and most importantly.... ... Miles of woodland rc walking trails... All of varying challenges & set in the various pine forests which adorn peak hills ridge.... A large portion of these trails are accessible via a wide flat path that loggers have put in.... Perfect for walking whilst trailing with friends... Or for the more adventurous amongst us.... Take a turn off one of the many narrow trails winding through the woods to find steep descents, elevations... Everything from knarly tree roots to shallow streams. Best time to go is autumn/winter.... The crisp winter air... Light rain in autumn... Smell of damp pine tree's only add to the woodland nature experience..... Electric only.... No nitro or petrol... If your lucky enough, you'll see deer, falcons, owls, foxes.... Allthough you'll probably be too busy enjoying the sweet rc'ing. See the video below