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This is a very nice RV Park on the Colorado River. There is a dirt RC off road race track and the surrounding area has countless locations to crawl and bash.

Off road heaven. This place comes alive in the winter for all the snowbirds. There is areas all over for crawling and bashing. Lots of BLM land for boondocking(camping) RV parks in town too.

Off road heaven. This place comes alive in the winter with all of the RV snowbirds. There is areas everywhere for crawling and bashing. This is BLM land for boondocking/camping and RV parks in town too. They even have an RC Airport and flying club.

This place rocks! No literally. The area in and around this little desert city is rock. This town has the beautiful lake and lots of parks with trails with all sorts of terrain for crawling and bashing. Bring your boats too. Hot Rocks Hobbies is the local hobby store there.

New indoor drift track. Also stock crawlers and Go Fast RC cars.

These guys are into everything RC.

Good area to trail and crawl. Large parking lot. Walk to the southwest to the rock area.

Dog Park. Crossroads E CurryRd and E Lakeview Dr. Staging area in parking lot then walk southwest to rock formations. Have fun! Link to their web site

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