Jeremy Paschall!

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Follow the road into the last parking lot that is a roundabout

My Garage
The trucks...
Corrupt C10
CCW Battle Axe

Corrupt Carbon Work C10

  • Manufacturer: CCW
  • Motor: 3bros stinger 2200kv
  • ESC: HH Trailmaster BLE
  • Color: Gunmetal Metallic
The Coma
Traxxas TRX4

Toyota Tacoma TRX4

  • Manufacturer: Traxxas
  • Motor: HH 27t Sport
  • ESC: Hobbywing 1080
  • Color: Black Metallic
Power wagon or hilux body

Trojen GMRC truggy full custom

  • Manufacturer:
  • Motor: Castle 2850kv slate
  • ESC: Mamba X
  • Color: