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Horizon/Axial/Aftermarket Capra

Custom aftermarket build

  • Manufacturer: Horizon/Axial/Aftermarket
  • Motor: Tekin ROC412 Element Proof 3100 kv
  • ESC: Tekin RX4
  • Color: Black/Red
Horizon/Axial Capra

Axial Capra (my first RC)

  • Manufacturer: Horizon/Axial
  • Motor: Holmes Hobbies Pro Torquemaster 45t
  • ESC: Hobbywing 1080
  • Color: Aluminum/Black
Horizon/ECX Temper Gen2

Money Pit

  • Manufacturer: Horizon/ECX
  • Motor: Hobbywing QuicRun 2435SL 1/18 2030 Brushless Motor (4500kV)
  • ESC: Hobbywing QuicRun-WP-16BL30
  • Color: Titanium/Yellow
Submissions: 10

The hard course. 4 mile trail with awesome hills, cliffs, and obstacles.

Giant pile of boulders in the playground area. $7 daily pass $50 season pass

Crawler course

Awesome terrain for rock crawling

30+ miles of trials with lots of different terrain, rock garden is the best spot. Only issue is you got to watch for mountain bikers because it’s built for them and not us. Best trailheads to start are marked by the red dot.

DNR approved the use of trailer and crawler rigs!!

This is a random rock bank of US40 in Plainfield. Red dot marks the parking spot

Locals built it for comps. Good size park worth the drive. Locals are super nice and welcoming. You can find more info on the ft Wayne crawlers and bashers page.

11.8 miles of walking trails with lots of elevation changes, large rock section by US36. Several places to access the creek at as well

Giant rock wall for climbing