Jason M Freeman!

Submissions: 4

The hard course. 4 mile trail with awesome hills, cliffs, and obstacles.

Giant pile of boulders in the playground area. $7 daily pass $50 season pass

Crawler course

Awesome terrain for rock crawling

My Garage
The trucks...
Horizon/Axial/Aftermarket Capra

Custom aftermarket build

  • Manufacturer: Horizon/Axial/Aftermarket
  • Motor: Tekin ROC412 Element Proof 3100 kv
  • ESC: Tekin RX4
  • Color: Black/Red
My First RC
Horizon/Axial Capra

Axial Capra

  • Manufacturer: Horizon/Axial
  • Motor: Dynamite DYNS1216 35t
  • ESC: Dynamite AE-5L
  • Color: Aluminum/Black