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Grim 1
Redcat Gen 8 Scout Axe edition

Slightly Modded Redcat Gen 8 Axe

  • Manufacturer: Redcat
  • Motor: Hobbywing AXE 540 brushless motor
  • ESC: HobbyWing XERUN
  • Color: Black
GrimBolt Red1
Axial Deadbolt

SCX24 Deadbolt Red - Still in Box 12,15,2020 Merry Xmas to Me - Grip of Mods On The Way !!!

  • Manufacturer: Axial
  • Motor: Stock 180 88T, upgrading to Dynamite Barrage or RGT 12536
  • ESC: Axial AX-4 2.4GHz 3-channel.
  • Color: Red
Submissions: 6

Very nice arrangement of Rocks to Climb on, in a nice clean park surrounded by Tall Buildings in Downtown Omaha

Nice walking trails paved and raw, lots of rocks, logs as well as man made water features and rock formations

one of the Biggest state parks in the area with full services, Lots of natural trails, as well as man made rock and garden formations in camping areas. wide variety of terrain. Great Place for a Crawling Camping outing or just a long day of Trailing and Crawling.

A little off the beaten path since Mahoney park opened, but that means less traffic and more trail time. Lots of trails and lies along the Platte river so a lot of varied terrain. look out for those mountain bikers. Great Trailing for hills and Tree roots, loose gravel, sand and dirt. This park is more raw than Mahoney if that's your style. But take water and a snack, fewer services at this park.

Really Nice man made rock and Gravel Garden at the foot of the Bob Kerrey Memorial Bridge. Small park area with a fountain and Trail Along the Missouri River. Trail over the pedestrian Bridge and There is another Park on The Iowa Side with more trails.

City Park with very hilly raw trails. Loose dirt Gravel and lots and lots of tree roots. There is a Disc Gold Course in the park that is fairly well traveled so should make for easy access to some raw midwest forest Trailing and Crawling. The park has a rough history, and some weird local fables, so maybe don't go alone, or at night.